Bitcoin Pete is a colourful, larger than life, self-made serial entrepeneneur. Self-taught in various different fields, he says he is a ‘Jack of all trades’, as he has had to be, but he’s also mastered several brilliantly. He is, in fact, a true visionary with an uncanny knack of predicting future trends with amazing accuracy as will become apparent in this book.

This time next year, we’ll be Millionaires!

– Derek Edward ‘Del Boy’ Trotter (David Jason) from the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.



I don’t, do sympathy. I don’t carry other peoples’ loads. I enjoy funerals, I’ll even enjoy my own last service, and I enjoy the mantra “You are not given the breaks in life, they are not served up on a plate. You have to get out there into the big, wide world, and you make your own”.

I am a no-nonsense kind of guy. Check me out on the Internet (I’m on TV at least a dozen times a week). Go to any major bookstore, airport or rail station, lo and behold my books are everywhere; in the UK most often top-shelving. Recently I have three books in the Times true crime bestseller list and just about every other true crime bestseller listing in the UK and overseas.

5BTC MARMITE MY MATE!Like my co-author, Bitcoin Pete, we do what it says on the tin. We don’t mince words, no bullshit at all. We are like ‘MARMITE’. You either like us, or not. Frankly we don’t care either way.

Now the ‘Hearts & Minds’, with a big smile and Hi everyone! Welcome to my new book The Not So Lazy Man’s Guide to Becoming a Cryptocurrency Millionaire, and many of you will know that I am, perhaps, the world’s leading true crime author, an investigative criminologist, and a little more about your Christopher appears at the end of what is about to become the ‘MUST-READ’ of your life.

Cutting to the chase, what this book is not…well to be truthful The Not So Lazy Man’s Guide to Becoming a Cryptocurrency Millionaire is not a self-help book, because the title is a bit of a misnomer, because you are not at all lazy, correct? What you are is curious – very curious indeed. You are even asking yourself right now: ‘How can I make money 24-hours a day, even when I am asleep?’ Well, look at moiré. At any one moment scores of people around the world (even in Japan) are buying one or two or three of my books in stores, ordering online even scouring the web for my back catalogue – even when I am in the shower, taking a leak, cultivating roses or enjoying life to the supermax, book sales equate to royalties and money in the bank.

I have personally used Nationwide for decades; originally, they started out as a building society, so screw the rest of the bankers. In the old days robbers used to break into banks and steal your money. These days it’s always an insider job with scores ‘exec suits’ trousering a fortune while you can’t even get your cash out of a hole-in-the wall. I’ll come to banks later. Watch for that space!

FACT: Well, you can earn money while you are asleep because millions of people: highly successful writers such as myself, film stars, composers, singers, high-end entrepreneurs like ‘Bitcoin Pete, do exactly that. We all have one thing in common. We are all enjoying royalties or high dividends on our investments pouring into our accounts 24-hours-a-day.

Even though you can’t act, sing a note, dance the Tango, write, compose, or you think that hedge funds are for pruning, you’d still you’d love a piece of this money action? Pete and I bet you would, too!

Actually, once again I sincerely apologise for the ‘Not So Lazy Man’ label, but here is a thing: most of us take financial gambles and risks everyday. If you are one of those rare souls who has never bought any type of lottery ticket, scratch card, bet on the horses or the dogs, then for you a Sainthood beckons, period, and ya’ll have a nice day because this book is not for you. Please hand it to someone who can see the wood for the trees and the clear light of day and let them try to get rich while you don’t try at all!

But why do we take even these small gambling risks with the likes of the National Lottery and stuff? The answer lies in our psyche you see. It’s in our DNA. We are genetically programmed to live in hope. Even when asleep we often dream of hitting the Jackpot someday, a next first-past-the post at Goodwood, or is it a case of:

‘Darling, Whoopee! I’ve just won £2.00 on a scratch card’, being too stupid to realise that to win that two quid you’ve already thrown away best part of £50 and your return was worth Jack Shit!

But this is why we take these almost insignificant chances and mega odds-against-winning punts. You want to be wealthy someday, YES?

If your answer is ‘NO!’ you must be risk-averse happy with your lot – deliriously paper party hat, party popper, party blowing ‘Toot Toot’ joyful to plod on through life not whining, not griping because money is tight these days. You’ll be not a bit jealous of other peoples’ successes.

You might even be a homemaking happy bunny yummy mummy, thrilled to bits that Lidl is closer to home than Waitrose; one who is thoroughly content with the way your crap bank treats you; clapping your hands, doing cartwheels and handstands at how the cost of living is rising; jumping through hoops and applauding the commuter rail fares going through the roof – even though you can never get a seat, that’s if you can actually get a train that runs on time and, because you work for someone – probably a cock-waving, macho rocking his look and working his look, trending, heads-up, chillaxed twittering go-to-guy – he probably doesn’t even know you exist.

You will be over-the-moon and good-to-go inside your own cash-strapped multi-overdrawn credit cards bubble – round-shouldered, laden down with bills and as dumb as fuck existing in a world where elephants fly, lead balls bounce and fairies reign supreme. You’ll probably be the village idiot, too. Period!


Having now got that off of my chest may you and me screw down the nuts and bolts of the business in hand – let’s get with the programme!


The Not So Lazy Man’s Guide to Becoming a Cryptocurrency Millionaire is NOT a self-help book, it IS a help yourself book – help yourself get rich!

– Bitcoin Pete, co-author.


Order your copy now to find out Bitcoin Pete’s very latest recommendation on how you too can can get in front of the next trend and start building your own golden future today…




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    The information is 100% trending in the light of the most recent economic events

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      We appreciate your amazing job on customer support and technical services!

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